CD turntables Are Better Than Vinyl

I have two iPhones and each stores 64GB of mp3s and that’s why I set to finding a way to work only with these and completely dispense the need for taking my laptop to gigs. I found just what I needed to do this with the Denon DJ MCX8000 which came in at a decent price and as far as CD turntables go it’s the king, the giant, the apex of the standalone players. Additionally I run with a USB flash drive whilst concurrently running my Serato 4-channel DJ controller.

By upgrading to the Denon I’m handling and it works brilliantly, which is to say I’ve had absolutely no problems, not even a glitch since getting onboard with it. The way it connected to my Serato so fast and how together I can mix with a range of tracks using one input as a mixer whilst the other as a master. I’m a real knobs and buttons freak, always have been, so I can’t say it’s hard to get used to but I guess if you’re not as savvy it would take longer to learn stuff like placement.

It's big, it’s heavy, which to my mind is like saying it’s really well-built and the HD screens and large platters are amazing. In my career as a DJ over ten years, I’ve moved from turntables up to Pioneer CDJ350S and now to the MCX8000. Before you go straight to this or whatever you choose you do need to try a range of amazing CD turntables like in this guide: so I recommend you head off to a decent Guitar Center where you can try out all the controllers. See if you don’t agree with me about the Denon - don’t be put off by the symmetric mirror design, where the play and cue button on the inside of both deck controllers and don’t let it throw you, or not, because you’re trialling the product and I bet you’ll come to see how fast you get used to different designs. Really, for my money this Denon is the business, it’s clever by design with loads of room between the knobs and buttons, even with big hands like mine.